Leading South African bitting manufacturer, Bombers Equestrian Equipment Ltd, has partnered one of equestrianism’s most well-known and respected figures - leading Australian eventer and 2018 World Equestrian Games (WEG) team member, Andrew Hoy.

Since pioneering and developing its mouth-moulding process (which involves taking an impression of the equine’s mouth bars, in order to create a custom-made bit) earlier this year, Bombers has been honing the process, and is now working with Andrew Hoy in Andrew’s new role as Bomber Bits’ ‘Elite Rider Technical Development Partner’.

Bomber Nel, proprietor of Bombers Equestrian Equipment Ltd, whose bits are distributed in the UK via Equine Management Ltd, says the relationship with ‘Team Hoy’ means a lot to Bombers’ eponymous organisation.

"Andrew is such a well-respected equestrian figure, so to have his support and involvement in the development of our pioneering moulding concept is a wonderful accolade. We’re certain we can help maintain Andrew's winning edge, and support his ethos of gold-standard horsemanship."

A selection of Andrew Hoy’s top equine string, including his WEG ride Vassily De Lassos, have already undergone the moulding process, and are being ridden in Bombers bits, chosen for their mouth conformation and discipline.

"I am delighted to be working with Bombers Bits," Andrew Hoy states. “Bombers develops and produces bits meeting the highest scientific standard for horses, and I can’t wait to introduce these bits to the rest of my equestrian string, as we know that a Bombers bit helps achieve enhanced communication and feel between horse and rider, incrementally helping to boost overall performance.”

Bombers’ Sue Gilliatt was instrumental in developing the moulding method and is the on-the-ground representative at the bit prescription yard visits, where the mouldings take place. “It’s revolutionary,” Sue states. “We fully involve equestrian dental technicians at the moulding stage, and in particular are working with British Equine Dental Technician Simon Prately, to perform the mouldings and then prescribe a bit with a suitable mouthpiece and cheekpiece from the Bombers range,” she concludes.

Visit www.hoyteam.comwww.equineman.comwww.bombers.co.za for more information.