I very much enjoy my annual trip to Haras du Pin, the most beautiful French National Stud in Normandy, hosting a wonderful and welcoming event "Le Grand Complet" staging classes from 1* through to 3*.

This year four horses joined the big trip: The Blue Frontier and Algebra for the CCI3*, Composer for the CIC3* and Right To Play´s Jack Sparrow for the CCI1*.

All four horses showed a great performance throughout the week and I am so pleased with their continuous development.

As a bonus, Blue finished 3rd, Algebra 4th  and Composer 8th in their respective classes.

I have started working with an exciting tiny new Headcam fixed under the peak of my cross country helmet – if you want to “come for a ride” have a look at the following videos:


The Blue Frontier / CCI3*



Algebra / CCI3*

Composer / CIC3*


Right To Play´s Jack Sparrow / CCI1*