Algebra and I have a very special history together. Algebra was produced from Grassroots to international 4* level by Australian top Eventer Natalie Blundell and I was lucky to support both of them from the ground for many years.

When Natalie returned to Australia after her 2014 World Equestrian campaign, Algebra remained in my yard – with the aim to take life a little ‘slower’ and continue his career with a Junior. When the ‘right match’ couldn´t be found and Algebra proved in his daily training that he is far away from his ‘retirement age’, we decided together with Algebra´s owners – John Glenn & Julia McLean – to give it another year at the top level.

This ‘one year’ ended up being 3 years until Algebra´s happy and healthy retirement to his owners´ property in Australia at the age of 19. In the meantime we were able to win two major CCI3* competitions and be part of various Australian Nations Cups Teams. Algebra, small in size but large at heart, will always have a special place in my heart.